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The half of love
We shall be together tomorrow
The vals for lones
The queen of fools
The rivals New
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Galina Vrublevskaya is a romance auther. A graduate of Naval University of Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad), in Russia. Additionally she took practice psychology courses and creative writing courses. Before writing she worked as the scientist in research center. Then she was subsequently a psychologist-adviser (dream interpreter) in a newspaper.

At present times her basic occupation is writing. She loves to travel and to day-dream.

Galina Vrublevskaya is the member of Assosiation of writers of Saint-Petersburg.

Read here:

"The Griboedov Canal" (Translated by Irene Woodhead)

"The Griboedov Channel" (Translated by Irina Silkina)

Romance books (Russian edition - Moskow Publishing house "Centrpoligraf")

1. "The half of love" - 2002, ISBN 5-227-01780-8.

2. "We shall be together tomorrow" - 2003, ISBN 5-9524-0339-5

3. "The vals for lones" - 2004, ISBN 5-9524-0752-8.

4. "The Bridge of kisses" - 2005, ISBN 5-9524-1548-2.

5. "The games of adults" - 2006, ISBN 5-9524-2043-5.

6. "The queen of fools" - 2007, ISBN 5-9524-2864-5.

7. "The womankind" - 2008, ISBN 978-5-9524-3802-6.

8. "The another chance" - 2009, ISBN 5-9524-4060-9 .

9. "The wife, the mistress, the friend..." - 2009, ISBN 978-5-9524-42.

10."The rivals",Minsk, "Bookmaster", 2014, ISBN 978-985-549-773-9.

11."Goodbye, Soviet secrets!" Autobiographical prose and stories, St.Petersburg, The Union of writers of St.Petersburg, 2013, ISBN 978-5-4311-0043-7.

12."Woman with with someone else's passport", 2016, ISBN 978-5-699-87520-7

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The wife, the mistress, the friend...
The another chance
The womankind
The Bridge of kisses
The games of adults
Goodbye, Soviet secrets! New